Friday, July 22, 2011

Park it in Cary

The town of Cary North Carolina is a rapidly growing suburb of the capital city of Raleigh.  It is edged on the north and east by Raleigh, on the north and west by Research Triangle Park and Morrisville, on the south by Apex and Holly Springs, and on the west by the Jordan Lake area.

It is a little over 40 square miles of heaven on earth.  Back in the suburbs of NY there is precious little park area, and what there is of it is surrounded by strip malls and aging infrastructure, and there is a good chance you have to pay to get in. In Cary, there are more than 25 free town parks.  We’re talking BIG parks, many with large boating/fishing lakes!

 In addition to the multitude of beautiful parks, they have these things here called ‘greenways’.  As a Yankee, I had only ever heard of greenways on golf courses – but here they are miles and miles of paved trails that run behind residential areas and through parks.

They are EVERYWHERE, they are lovely and they are making it very difficult for me to come up with excuses not to take up jogging