Friday, September 9, 2011

Come Meet Myrtle!

Sure, the east coast is always beautiful in the spring. Backyards are radiant with color, but the lacy pastel party wear of the apple, cherry & pear tress are quickly changed to their more formal green uniform for summer.

Here in the Carolinas we have one delightful hold out. The 'Crepe Myrtle', who wears her bright floral dress for most of the year. She may be dressed in lavender, white lace, fuschia, pale pink or red. No matter the color, she will turn your head every time.

                                                                                                                                                                                This "Flower of the South" can be seen beautifying the Raleigh area at every turn.
I was bowled over by their breathtaking bouquets when I first moved here, as I drove down Cary Parkway, where they decorate the median for more than 10 miles.   
They can be seen greeting you at the entrances to subdivisions, shopping areas, in front of fire houses, hospitals & schools.  They can be seen peaking over fences from professionally landscaped back yards.

You will find them shading moms and dads while they watch their children play at the many area parks. Everywhere you go, the Raleigh Triangle is decorated with their perennial splendor.
 A refreshing change from the browns and greens of the north eastern landscape,
 Myrtle welcomes you to the south!!